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UFABET007 Live Online Hi-Lo This name that everyone is familiar with

Games that are easy to play, fun, like having never played anything and

have fun before in this life, where can not think of anything here. Hi-Lo

online live The more you come to play on the online casino, then … tell me,

the better the 7th floor heaven

In Thailand it can be said that no one knows. Live Online Hi-Lo Is a game

that uses 3 dice and shake where the result will come out. Importantly, play

comfortably and play anywhere, anytime you want, ever.

Let’s get started The fun began. At the beginning of the game, the player

enters the game page and chooses to bet on the number you want in the

specified time, which is 40 seconds. There will be staff shaking all 3 dice in

the dozen to see what result will be on all 3 pages.

Hi-Lo betting, high-low favorites

Hi-Lo, double-odd favorites

Hi-Lo betting, favorites numbers

Hi-Lo betting, an even number bet

Hi-Lo betting with a total amount of points

Hi-Lo betting. The bet type is not specific.

Hi-Lo betting, placing a specific bet on numbers

Hi-Lo betting, pocketing 2 different numbers

To bet on 8 online live dice, no more than the same principle can be used to

win easily. Just by counting the points of the dice, that’s all. There are only 3


 Not beyond the ability you to win the chance to be a high-speed online

dude. This is a combination of all 3 pair of dice.

 The sum of the points is 5 7 9 11 13 15 17 and odd. The sum of the points is

4 6 8 10 12 14 16 with a payout rate of 1 stab.

 In the event that all 3 dice are numbered or the same number of 3 numbers are correct, all 6 numbers must be drawn.

Numbers must be 1 to 6, the pay rate is 24 times the bet amount. As well as

guessing the points of all 3 dice as well, all 3 (Tong) can be any points, with

a total of 6 sets

 Trong number 1 to trong 6, if the result is the trump number Will have a

payout rate of 150 of the bet and it is expected that 2 out of 3 dice

 There are matching numbers that we bet with a total of 15 pairs of

numbers. It’s 5 times the payout rate of the bookmakers easily. Fast

UFABET007 Hi-Lo online live That is ready to play the unceasing happiness !!!

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